Support for Employers

East Ayrshire Council Economic Development

We understand that for most businesses the process and cost of taking on a new employee can be an expensive and difficult undertaking. 
We offer a range of support to local companies to help them find the right people and to ensure those people have the right skills.


We will help with recruitment and pre-employment training and can arrange work trials and work experience to ensure the potential employee is the right person for your business.

Recruitment incentives may be available.


Modern Apprentice

An apprenticeship is a paid job plus the employee works towards achieving a Scottish Vocational (SVQ) Qualification or equivalent.


Supported Employment
Supported Employment has been successfully used for decades as a model for supporting people with disabilities to secure and retain paid employment.

We will work with local employers to find the right individual and will provide1:1 support while the person develops their skills and build their confidence in the workplace.

Training can be provided for other staff members to help them understand the nature of the person's disability and how they can best support them.


Staff Training
For employees from East Ayrshire who meet the required criteria, we can possibly fund up to 50% of the costs of an accredited training programme

We do not fund statutory or mandatory training.

Call us on 01563 503000 or email:

Please also use to send any documentation we have requested relating to Modern Apprenticeships, Wage Subsidies, and other recruitment incentives.

Thinking of volunteering?

Volunteering can help you get a job by teaching you new skills and providing you with invaluable work experience. It also shows prospective employers that you are willing to work.

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