East Ayrshire Council - Job Brokerage

Free support for employers

We can assist with training costs to progress unemployed people to access employment and to ensure you have a skilled workforce. If you can provide a safe and busy working environment for someone to gain work experience, we will assist by paying their wages. We can provide support to you to assist in the recruitment of people with disabilities, we will complete a vocational profile and identify an appropriate candidate to meet your needs. If you are able to create a new, additional and sustainable job for one of our participants we may be able to offer financial assistance. We can support and fund training for an apprentice opportunity.

Support for Employers

  • Apprenticeships tick
  • Business advice tick
  • Funding tick
  • Recruitment tick
  • Training tick
  • Work experience tick

Ages Helped

  • Under 16
  • 16-19 tick
  • 19-25 tick
  • 25+ tick