Street League

Street League engages individuals through a structured programme of education, football and fitness. Our aim is to challenge attitudes, increase confidence, set goals and explore options for progressions, offering one to one support and guidance. we ensure that individuals are physically active every day, improving their motivation, contribution and preparing them for appropriate progression in line with their needs and choices. Our Stage 2 delivery will be 10 weeks in duration.

The aim of our Stage 3 provision is to provide young people with the skills and experience to move into full time, sustainable, employment. We do this through a structured programme of learning through football and fitness, developing core employability skills that promote independence and help individuals make informed choices about their options for progression. Young people take part in structured work placements offering practical experience in the world of work. Street League Stage 3 programme offers something unique, being football/fitness activity based with block intake.

Support for Employers

  • Training tick
  • Work experience tick

Looking for Work

  • Completing applications tick
  • CV preparation tick
  • Employability Fund Vacancies tick
  • Job search tick

Ages Helped

  • Under 16
  • 16-19 tick
  • 19-25 tick
  • 25+ tick