learndirect offer Employability Fund training courses at Stage 3 and Stage 4.  Stage 3 lasts for approx. 12 weeks offering the opportunity to learn about jobs in business services, customer service, business administration, hospitality, financial services and contact centres.  Stage 4 provides the opportunity to gain accredited qualifications in Personal Licence Qualification, First Aid, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, and Food Safety Level 2.

To find out more contact Beth 01563 898107 or email elizabeth.barnes@learndirect.com


Support for Employers

  • Work experience tick

Looking for Work

  • Completing applications tick
  • CV preparation tick
  • Employability Fund Vacancies tick
  • Interview techniques tick
  • Job search tick

Ages Helped

  • Under 16
  • 16-19 tick
  • 19-25 tick
  • 25+ tick