Stage 3 Employability Fund course

Start Date: 10/01/2022
End Date: 04/03/2022

Provider: CEIS Ayrshire

Location: Online Zoom


Employability Fund Stage 3 course content and aims.


The Employability Fund Stage 3 programme is ideal for clients that have a low number of barriers to employment and those that have already completed a Stage 2 programme. Throughout this course we will work together with the clients to identify their strengths and limitations, and work on the areas and skills that they identify as requiring improvement. The training and support on offer will help them in many ways, for example, building their confidence, helping them to interact better within group settings and addressing situations that may cause them anxiety, as well as developing their practical skills such as task management, interpersonal skills, IT skills and their overall self-awareness. The main fucus, however, is on developing their Employability skills and we also look at such areas as appropriate behaviour in the workplace and improving customer service skills. The end goal being to have them progress into a positive destination, that could be a Stage 4 training course, Further Education, a Modern Apprenticeship or employment.

During their training, the candidate will complete the Employability Award SCQF Level 4. This is a SQA accredited qualification, comprising of the following units:-


First Steps

First Steps: learners review their previous and current experiences to help them identify the skills they already have which will be required in the workplace

Building on Employability Skills

This unit is designed to provide the candidate with the opportunity to acquire the skills needed in order to gain employment. These skills include finding out about job opportunities and employers, and the strengths/qualities needed to apply for a certain jobs.

Self and Work

The general aim of this unit is to allow the candidate to improve their self-reliance and confidence by developing task management skills while carrying out a vocational project with support. Usually, the project would be detailed preparation for a mock interview, with a focus on time and task management and prioritising. Feedback is given after the mock interview to allow the client to review performance and improve for future interviews.

 Customer Service

The Unit is intended for learners who wish to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of customer care. Learners will consider how to identify customers, their needs and how these needs can be met. Procedures for dealing with dissatisfied customers are also considered. The practical nature of this Unit allows learners to gain a real insight into customer care

Responsibilities of Employment

In this unit we will be looking at identifying the rights and responsibilities you have in the workplace and what the employer is responsible for in respect of you as an employee. You will also cover the consequences of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.


Throughout the 8 weeks training, there will also be non-accredited training workshops delivered, these could include sessions on CV writing, application writing and interview skills.

The 8 week programme will be structured with 6 trainer-led online training sessions on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30-11.00am and from 1.30-3.00pm. The client will be expected to complete around 7-10 hours of self-study around the online sessions, 2.5 hours will be scheduled for a Friday morning and the rest would be scheduled ad hoc.

Training allowance of £55 per week is available for 16/17 year olds candidates.

All training is online right now, we can provide tablets for use during the course, but clients must have access to wifi. 

How to book:

Please call Gail on 07947578618 or email I'm happy to have a chat about whether or not this is a suitable course for you! 

Thanks gail