PACE Positive Steps to Careers Success


The PACE team that helps individuals that are facing redundancy are launching six sessions to help positive steps to careers success.
The sessions start on Monday 17th to Wednesday 26th January 2022.
To view and register for the sessions click on the register here link at the bottom of the course title, for more information about the event contact the team on:
Phone: 0800 917 8000

Monday 17th

January 2022 12.30pm–1.15pm  

Facing Change, Embracing Change Create positive change in you work and life by making use of your Career Management Skills

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Tuesday 18th January 2022 12.30–1.15pm

What have I got to offer? Identify your skills, strengths and achievements and consider their value within the job market 

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Wednesday 19th January 2022 12.30–1.15pm

Horizon scanning Explore the options available to you and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals

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Monday 24th

January 2022 12.30–1.15pm

Get sorted Learn how and where to find opportunities for a targeted approach to your job search 

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Tuesday 25th

January 2022 12.30pm–1.15pm

Get Noticed Find out how to create engaging content for your CVs and covering letters

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Wednesday 26th January 2022 12.30pm-1.15pm

First Impressions

Count Discover how to overcome nerves and prepare effectively for interviews