No One Left Behind 2021/2022 - East Ayrshire Council Recruitment Incentive


No One Left Behind 2021/22 – East Ayrshire Council Recruitment Incentive is available for new Modern Apprenticeship and job starts up to the 31st of March 2022. No One Left Behind Recruitment Incentive is for all ages; however, it is not for everyone. It is for those people who without additional support, might not make a successful transition into or be able to secure work, further education or training. There are a limited number of places available and applicants will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. All applicants for jobs starting within the Incentive period must be completed, approved and the individual started their employment by 31st of March 2022.
Fund Offer
The Living Wage as set by Scottish Living Wage Accreditation must be paid to the contracted employee for at least the final 3 months of the 52 weeks of employment and the employee must have completed 52 weeks employment in order to be eligible for the final £1,000 payment. Living Wage rates can be found at:
After 4 weeks of employment – No payment less than 4 weeks
After 13 weeks of employment – No pro-rata payment between 4 and 13 weeks
After 52 weeks of employment – No pro-rata payment between 13 and 52 weeks
Living Wage Bonus Payment* (From April 2021 - £8.91 per hour)