Salus - Health, Safety and Return to Work Service


Salus is now taking referrals in East Ayrshire. Speak to your employability advisor about making a referral to Salus. For more information see the "Need Advice?" tab on this website.
Are you experiencing difficulties with:
  • Stress? 
  • Sleep? 
  • Motivation? 
  • Alcohol? 
  • Weight Issues? 
  • Self-Esteem? 
  • Depression? 
  • Fatigue? 
  • Pain? 
  • Anxiety? 
  • Panic?
Salus can support you to manage and maintain your Health and Wellbeing.
Our programme provides you with the tools to help you cope with everyday life.
Are you unemployed and want health advice from an NHS professional?
This programme is designed to support you.
For more information, please contact your employability advisor.