Project SEARCH - December 2014 Newsletter


                                    Project SEARCH

                                       East Ayrshire
                         December 2014 Newsletter


We would like say “Thank you” to our Host business for their continued support for Project SEARCH!


Who are the main partners?

Lead Job Coach: Maureen Millar

Tel: 01563 826245


Instructor: Colette Austin

Tel: 01563 826244



Business Liaison: Sandra Murphy

Tel: 01563 825706



Meet the interns:


Drew Ramsay: In the linen room store I developed better organisational skills.I have Int 2 qualifications in cooking and hospitality and would love to work in catering.


Andrew Connell: In the Mailroom I delivered mail all over the hospital. I am going to be a porter in  my next rotation. I am learning a lot about what it really means to get and keep a job.


Nicola Savage: In the Kitchen I have been serving food on the patient belt. My next job is assisting auxiliaries in Neonatal. I am enjoying trying different jobs and building up my skills.


Joshua Carmichael: In equipment store I have delivered items throughout the hospital and kept track of stock on the PC.  I have become much fitter and more confident.


Jordan Wilson: As a porter I have delivered to all areas of the hospital. I also have responsibility for parcels needing signatures. I would love to be a porter or Janitor.


Sally Willerton Shade: In the linen room I developed my numeracy skills. I am motivated to get up everyday and work.

I am keen to learn and get on well with people.


Jeff Sloan: I have been working in Admin. I deliver mail, photocopy and file records.

I am going to work in the kitchen next and I am looking forward to trying something different.


Amy Murray: I have been working in HR Admin. I have been doing data input on NHS systems -empower and Genesis.

I am going in to Pharmacy next and I will be working with robots.


Kyle MacDonald: I have been working in Admin doing data input on NHS systems -empower and Genesis. I am going to work in the Linenroom next so I will get to find my way around the hospital.


John Campbell: I have been delivering blood samples and assisting in the Lab. I am going to work in the linen room delivering linen to wards. I will really get to know my way around the hospital.



In the New Year:

? The New Year begins with the interns starting their second rotation.

? The process of Job Development and preparation for the future begins.

? Recruitment process begins. We can visit Schools, colleges or any groups to give information about Project SEARCH and how we help young people with a learning disability or autism in to real jobs.


In the next issue we will meet the mentors and describe the types of jobs our interns do.