Salus - Occupational Health, Safety and Return to Work Services

Are you experiencing difficulties with:
  • Stress? 
  • Sleep? 
  • Motivation? 
  • Alcohol? 
  • Weight Issues? 
  • Self-Esteem? 
  • Depression? 
  • Fatigue? 
  • Pain? 
  • Anxiety? 
  • Panic?
Salus can support you to manage and maintain your Health and Wellbeing.
Our programme provides you with the tools to help you cope with everyday life.
Are you unemployed and want health advice from an NHS professional?
This programme is designed to support you.
For more information, please contact your employability advisor.

Case Management Service
Who is this support for?
Case Management is for anyone who is experiencing health and wellbeing problems, such as: anxiety, depression, stress, physical restrictions e.g. osteoarthritis, sciatica, addictions, low self-esteem, sleep problems or work related issues.
If these problems are causing you difficulties in gaining or sustaining employment, we can support you by helping to improve your health and wellbeing.
Support Overview
We start by exploring your current circumstances and needs, listening to your priorities for areas where you would like support to make positive change. We then decide together on the level of support that will benefit you. This can be:
  • 1:1 Assessment and Action Planning
  • Continued 1:1 support for a further 5 sessions
  • Group work focusing on topics such as Anxiety, Low Mood, Confidence etc.
All sessions are provided by a qualified NHS practitioner.
Our initial session will explore your health, wellbeing and current circumstances.
An agreed action plan will focus on supporting you with the areas you have identified as barriers.
We will provide you with strategies, advice and practical support to assist you in reaching your goals.
Referral Methods:
Please speak to your employability advisor who can refer you to Salus.


  • Health and wellbeing tick
  • Mental wellbeing tick

Ages Helped

  • Under 16
  • 16-19 tick
  • 19-25 tick
  • 25+ tick