Enable Scotland

The aim of the programme is to ensure learners, who have learning disabilities and or learning difficulties can develop the skills and experience necessary to progress through the employability pipeline.  This will be achieved by developing the core and basic skills required to make a successful transition, whilst being supported to address the barriers that they face in gaining sustainable employment, moving to other forms of training or entering Further Education.  Communication, Interpersonal and Team building skills will play a large part in the individuals development.  They will also investigate the world of work and be supported to make realistic career choices and goals.  The work and skills they will be learning will be transferable and will not necessarily be sector specific.  It is aimed at supporting individuals and is person centred to each learner. 


Learners will be shown and supported to create a CV, attend mock interviews, understand the world of work, learn about personal presentation and how best to communicate effectively. During the programme learners will also be placed out  with the centre to experience other forms of work and to investigate employment opportunities within their areas, whilst giving them the choice as to the area of work they may wish to do in the future.  This may include working within: Retail, Administration, Horticulture, Hospitality or other areas of employment they identify. Learners will be supported on a 1:1 basis and in small group settings. They will be supported to travel independently, if required and will be mentored and receive on site job coaching, if required.   All  learners will be supported to achieve their Introduction to Work Place Skills or Level 3 SQA award.


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