Support To Engage Programme (STEP)

An engagement programme designed to work out of individual communities to identify and engage with residents who want to work towards employment or training. Tackling barriers (literacy, no ID, banking, mental health, addiction, training) through engagement and signposting to a range of relevant organisations, ultimately signposting to employ-ability providers.

Community Welfare Champion

Working in communities Identifying and engaging with residents who are struggling with the benefit system. Working with clients to ensure they are claiming their full benefits entitlement, claiming the right benefits, working with partner organisations to facilitate full support and advocating on behalf of clients. A major part of this role is to assist clients to set up, understand and use the Universal Credit system effectively.


Working in communities and with partners to provide group and 1-2-1 support to clients to become financially more stable and independent, offering a range of advice and promoting awareness and understanding of personal financial affairs. Creating financial plans and budgets, assisting clients to open current/savings accounts with credit union, as well as filling in forms, benefits maximisation, advice, guidance and advocacy. We support clients with setting up accounts, safe use of online banking and tackling fuel poverty.

We work to increase clients confidence and knowledge when dealing with financial matters by:
Alerting clients to levels of risk of particular products, Explaining the roles of financial service industry professionals, Assisting individuals to find expert financial advice,Explaining the advantages of reducing personal debt, Explaining and demonstrating sensible use of credit and Encouraging savings behaviour and future planning.


  • Alcohol tick
  • Benefits calculation tick
  • Homelessness tick
  • Money advice tick

Support for Employers

  • Funding tick
  • Training tick

Ages Helped

  • Under 16
  • 16-19 tick
  • 19-25 tick
  • 25+ tick