Derek Roberts - Employment with CVO under the LTU Programme

Derek approached East Ayrshire Works and the LTU programme back in March this year. Derek was unemployed for around 3 years due to a health condition, this also impacted his mental health and created additional barriers for Derek to re-enter the working environment

The first step for Derek was coming out to meet Nicola at the CVO, this was a massive step as he has been out of work for so long but he stepped out his comfort zone to meet Nicola and through his time at CVO and with East Ayrshire Works john has massively improved due to the correct support and guidance he’s been given. He has become a big part of the team and he is highly spoken of.

Derek said to us “I was down in the dumps, but this job has brought me back to life”

He feels he has a good support network around him to support his progression and he feels his team members make a difference within the community.