Debbie's success with the assistance of LTU

Debbie approached East Ayrshire works regarding the LTU programme back in February. She has spent the last six years raising her two children and found it difficult to balance and fit a working life in around child care.

At first she was terrified to come in to the office and meet new people as she’s been out of a working environment for so long and so much has changed in the recent few years with the pandemic, working attitudes and advancing methods the working environment Debbie was once part of is now a distant memory with the changes as of late.

With the help and support of the LTU programme and the continued support she received from everyone at CVO including Nicola. She now feels she’s got a place in the world of work and she’s not just a mum anymore, she’s a working mum who’s found that work-life balance and she looks forward to going to her work as much as she looks forward to finishing for the day and going home to her children and partner.

Debbie feels like the LTU programme we offer within East Ayrshire Works has opened up new doors for her and she’s excited to see where it will take her.

Debbie LTU