Kenneth Wilson - Upskilling and Training

Kenneth first approached the service back in July 2020 when he had already been furloughed for several months from his job as a coach driver.  He was facing redundancy and wanted to be proactive in changing his circumstances.

As he was employed at the time Kenneth was entitled to 70% funding with training to improve his employment prospects.  He wanted to retrain as an HGV driver and with his previous experience as a coach driver was an excellent candidate for this training. 

Funding was approved and Kenneth started Class 2 driver training with a local training provider in October 2020.  Unfortunately due to a minor error he was unsuccessful at his first attempt but we quickly arranged to fund a resit and Kenneth was then successful in passing his Class 2 test in November. 

Just a month later he started a new job with Billy Bowie Special Projects and got back into the swing of working and getting to know the job.  Within a few months Kenneth had gained confidence and wanted to pursue further training.  We liaised with the Parental Employability Support Fund and managed to secure further funding for Kenneth to complete Class 1 driver training.

Early in June 2021 Kenneth passed his Class 1 test, at the first attempt and was able to secure a higher salary and further improved his employment.  Kenneth is still working at BBSP and has made fantastic progress. 

Kenneth commented…

"During the pandemic there was lots of uncertainty in the coaching industry. I was on furlough hearing that redundancies may be on the cards. Rather than sit and wait and go round the bend in the house I contacted east Ayrshire works. Who put me in contact with Isabel Stewart to assist me in upskilling to HGV class 2. Within 1 month I managed to get a job with Billy Bowie special projects, then managed with Isabel's help and guidance to get further funding to obtain my class 1 license. Opening more doors for me within the company. I cannot thank Isabel and east ayrshire works for their help, guidance and support. I wouldn't hesitate in advising anyone in asking them for assistance in obtaining training or helping you get that job you want.

Many thanks from k Wilson"

Kenneth Class 1