Barry Davers - Employability Client

Barry contacted our employability team as a stage 5 customer who was stuck in a factory job, which was minimum wage. Not only was he struggling to make ends meet but he also couldn’t bear the thought of being in this job in the future and he wanted to upskill by training to be a class 2 driver. He knew this would not only better him financially but would also let him see the country instead of being stuck in a windowless factory. Barry passed his training and kindly sent a photo of lovely Edinburgh whilst out delivering.

“Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for your help in getting me my class 2 licence, can't thank you enough. I'm delivering up in Edinburgh today.

Thanks once again,


If you are looking for help with training, finding employment or improve career opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact the East Ayrshire Council Employability team on 01563 503000 or email

Barry's photo