A selection of stories from client's of the Employability Team

Sandy Hillan

Sandy’s employment was severely impacted by COVID and he contacted East Ayrshire Councils Employability Team during the first lockdown as he was unable to work as driving instructor.

During the first lockdown Sandy lost his car and was close to losing his home which meant when he returned from lockdown he couldn’t work as a driving instructor.

The Employability Service fully funded Sandy through his Class 2 LGV Licence which helped him find work and secure finances to keep up with bills and secure a new car to allow him to return to his job as a driving instructor.  Whilst employed using his Class 2 LGV Licence Sandy received additional support to gain his Class 1 Licence which has allowed him to recently start a new business.

Sandy says:

“The help I received from the Employability team stopped me losing my home and start a new business.

I will be eternally grateful for the help I received and couldn’t recommend the staff who work there highly enough, their knowledge of the job market and best training routes to take has turned my life around.”

Jenny McIntyre

Jenny came to East Ayrshire Council’s Employability Team as an employed customer looking to improve her then employment situation.  She gained funding to achieve her NEBOSH General Certificate which assisted her to start her own business, she is currently undertaking additional training to help her grow the business further.

Jenny says:

“East Ayrshire Council, have gone above and beyond my expectations with support for training on more than one occasion. The support and funding I have received has not only majorly boosted my own personal development but also the development of my business and in both aspects this has been invaluable. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.”

Martin Queay

Martin registered with the service looking to improve his then employment situation. As an employed customer Martin received 70% funding towards the cost of his Class 2 Licence.  By achieving his Class 2, in 2019, he has been in full time employment as a Class 2 driver ever since. Martin has worked for different companies and gained different experience from each one. He also classes himself fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of European haulage work, taking him to Italy. 

Martin says:

“Passing my Class 2 license was the best career move I made. My next goal would be to gain my Class 1 license”

Martin especially wants to thank the employability team and his work coach for all the help, support and encouragement he received from the first conversation through the whole process to achieving his Class 2 training and licence.

"Thank you for all your help with everything, it has been greatly appreciated.” 

If you are looking for help with training, finding employment or improve career opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact the East Ayrshire Council Employability team on 01563 503000 or email employability@east-ayrshire.gov.uk