Finlay - Supported Employment Client

      Finlay is 20, lives in Ochiltree and was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. 

      When I met Finlay, he was very reserved and lacked conversation.  Finlay came in weekly to carry out job searches but was unsuccessful in finding a suitable role to suit his skill set.   

      I approached a local engineering company and managed to source Finlay a work trial.  Finlay completed the work trial and impressed the Employer so much that he was offered a full time position with the company as a Welder/Fabricator.  The Employer and I have noticed how much Finlay has come out of his shell and he has become more outgoing. 

      I arranged for Finlay to receive No One Left Behind Funding which is a pot of funding provided to the employer to help them provide any training or expenses that is required to enable Finlay to carry out his job.

      Finlay has now been employed for 4 weeks and is thoroughly enjoying his work and is sustaining his job with no issues.  Finlay has now been trained on using Scotland's only robotic welding machine and he can operate it successfully.  The robotic welding machine had been lying unused in a corner as staff were unable to operate.  Finlay was able to operate the machine fully after receiving a 30 minute training session provided from the manufacturer who also advised this training usually takes 3 weeks to undertake.  Finlay uses two machines the Robotic Welding Machine and the CNC machine to cut and weld to high standards for customers’ orders.  This work includes rebuilding stands for disabled access for Kilmarnock Football Stadium and creating suction Pads for Apple.